Meat dishes

Traditional Dutch beef stew € 15,95
Mashed potato stew ‘Stamppot’ with traditional smoked sausage and meat ball € 15,95
Chicken filet with a sauce of apple and fresh basilica € 15,95
Gouda schnitzel with tomatoo and melted chees € 16,95
Marrowfat pea with bacon and garni € 16,95
Smoked Pork ham on the bone, served with mustard sauce € 16,95
Veal liver with mushrooms or baicon € 21,50
Filet steak with mushrooms € 21,50
Filet steak with stroganoff sauce € 21,50
Peter’s Pen, smoked pork beef on a skewer grilled, served with pepper sauce € 19,75
Home-made meat ball, to order extra €   4,95

All dishes. are served with potatoes and vegetables at choice.
(except the daily dish).