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Dinner at La Falote is an immersive experience

The good people of the famous BellaVistaStyle blog made a journey to beautiful Amsterdam and visited Restaurant La Falote to have a great experience. Here are some things that made the evening at La Falote they’ll always remember:

It has a menu that has lots of Dutch delicacies, so it is great on that front. But, its owner is so dynamic and a force of nature that he makes the whole experience so memorable.

As the night wore on, the owner came out and started making the rounds and got out an accordion.

This was the most fun we’ve had at a restaurant maybe ever, and it was great that the food was excellent, too.

You can read the whole story here: BellaVistaStyle – Travel guide Amsterdam

Thanks for this great review and until we meet again 🙂

Dinner At La Falote Is An Immersive Experience
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